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Most beautiful bridges in the world

 Bridge Fountain - Seoul - South Korea
Banpo Bridge spans the Han River in Seoul, Korea. When passing drivers on the bridge can enjoy the view of water pouring out of both sides of the bridge as if they were passing in a pool of water. Water is pumped from the aspects of the bridge Knavorp water and inject water cannons in unison, and harmony and water with 100 different tune. In the evening, after sunset, illuminated bridge and increasingly beautiful color display is amazing. Work has begun on this project in March 2007, which was part of a project to desalinate Seoul. Fountain was installed in September 2008, containing about 10 thousand barrel on both sides of the bridge and pumping rate of 190 tons of water per minute extracts from the Han River.

Millau bridge, the longest bridge in the world percussive - France
Bridge is Millau, the French President Jacques Chirac inaugurated recently, the longest bridge my ways in the world, was created four lines of roads, steel configuration on the length of 2460 meters and is suspended at a height of 270 meters. The bridge extends from Paris to Millau, which runs almost throughout France , is located above the Tarn Valley is located under the Massif mountain range. and support the four pillars of the bridge-mediated Concrete reach the height of each of them to 343 meters, making it higher than the Eiffel Tower, the famous engineering teacher in Paris. In fact, the company has established itself Eiffel bridge Under the supervision of architect Sir Norman Foster, a manner that ensures protection for up to 120 years, using the 205 thousand tons of concrete to create the columns and articles supported the bridge, and 36 thousand tons for the construction of the surface layer of the bridge, which makes the amount would be enough to build five towers like the Eiffel. The This bridge is one of the 75 highway reach Paris in the Mediterranean region, and is designed to reach several secondary roads near the town of Millau, which up to now suffer from a large number of crises traffic jams.

Bridge Henderson wavy - Singapore
You'll be amazed inevitably Heights Henderson Waves bridge ring shape, the bridge wavy and high high above the Henderson and by linking Mtnzhi Mount Faber Park, Teluk Blanejah Hill Park, and, moreover, it is the highest bridge walk in Singapore.

cross-sea bridge in the Gulf of Hangzhou - China

China has a lot of rivers, and bridges has been very important in the life of the Chinese. In the first of May 2008, the building of the bridge cross the sea in the Gulf of Hangzhou in east China's longest cross-sea bridge in the world stretching from the city of Jia Xing to Ningbo City and reflects the entire Gulf region with a length of 36 km. After the start of the use of this bridge, the less distance by car from the city of Ningbo to Shanghai by 120 km.

The Bridge Almtdhrj - United Kingdom

And is located in the British capital London, the bridge is very strange and moving if a person wants to cross the point of the interview from the river and then return to its place again Kalshkl located in the picture. Unique design and made others preceded designer Thomas heather wick wins award for design. And works only on Friday at 12 pm each week ..

Bridge Oliveira - Brazil
And is located in Sao Paulo in Brazil. Frequently characterized by the bridge and linking the roles of many of the main streets. Symbolizes the bridge in its design to the letter (X) and a height of 450 feet and contains 144 wire (cable) railway. Was opened in the year 2008.

Vngio Bridge (bridge, wind and rain) - China
Bridge is located Vngio (bridge, wind and rain) Hongyan village of Guangxi Autonomous Region. Hongyan village away from the city of Guilin at 120 km, a village within the villages early in the province, which has an excellent general conditions in terms of the natural environment and human resources and the level of people's lives.

Tower Bridge - United Kingdom
Tower Bridge is the first bridge built in the City of London over the River Thames is made of wood by the Romans in the century, 12 has replaced the original bridge new bridge was built in 1973 is made of stone is considered the bridge a landmark City of London and one of the highest bridges increase the

Water Bridge Magdeburg - Germany
A bridge of water, over the river !!!.. Even after you see, still in disbelief!. Bridge of water in Germany .... What a feat! . Six years of work, 500 million euros, 918 meters long ..... Now this is engineering!. Bridge is located over the course of the Elbe River and connects between East Germany and Germany. Bank as part of the consolidation. Is located in the city of Magdeburg, near Berlin.

Bridge Ponte Vikpo - Italy
Is one of the symbols of the city of Florence and cut the river at the most narrow point where there was an ancient shallow point in the course of the river, and built the first due to the Roman era, but it damaged several times of a flood of the river, in 1080 there was a wooden bridge was built while Oqos five stone bridge in 1170 and was destroyed in 1333 by one of the deadliest floods, after the construction of the Corniche "lungarni" re-building of the bridge in 1345, and is the only bridge that the Germans did not destroy twelve ء withdrawal during World War II In 1944.

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